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    The following lines will demystify all about Health Care and how to get the insurance by getting a Free Quotation for the best plan that fits you without that feeling of taking a big load on your shoulders and easy to suit on a month’s budget for every family in USA. Health Care has become a precious asset in the contemporary life due to all of our harmful habits mostly forced by the inescapable unhealthy way-of-life. Therefore, health is a mandatory concept to overcome the obstacles nowadays and that’s what we most have to care for.

    To understand how to get the best rates available to assure an extraordinary Health Care and get it unleashed despite whichever bad experience you have had on this sort of painful research you will be led to an easy and trustful online process which will doubtless clear your mind up to get your ready to make your best choice ever when it comes to look after yourself and your family.

    Browsing around on the internet you may find many sites where you can get a Free Insurance Quotation whose provider should deliver a proper Health Care service but unfortunately in most cases you are requested to turn your personal information inside out. However, in the genuine cases, before disclosing personal details, you simply enter your name, some information about past medical diagnoses and email to find out more about the process before being committed to anything. This makes the process safe and easy, and gives us no reason to take a little look deeper at how we can benefit.

    Take advantage from this clever and easy engine that will help you get rid of the villain of most middle class US families. Health Care is no longer something that will haunt your dreams from now on. Get the quotation with the best rates available to assure an extraordinary long and joyful life for you and your beloveds.

    Hopefully, you will be more encouraged now to take advantage of this greats offers, and see how you, your family, working friends and personal friends can benefit from it once you will be saving money and enjoying a new Health care service that will attend all your expectations and don’t ever forget – Health is what we most have to care for.

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    Most seniors prefer and feel comfortable retiring in their own homes as much as possible when the need for long term care arises, regardless of their health condition. They would choose to receive care at home even if their health becomes physically exhausting and financially devastating.

    Everyone must have heard of home health care and home care, but can’t figure out the difference of the two. The two services seem so related with each other, although the differences could be very trifling. Home health care service is directly related to medical services in line with home chores, while the latter is restricted to housekeeping and other personal care for the patient. Home health care can be used to assist a person recover from illness or injury. This may also include but not limited to speech therapy, occupational and physical therapy that patients with chronic condition might need. Home health care requires registered nurses, therapists and home health aides to ensure the health and safety of patients.

    Perhaps the biggest question is how to determine if you are receiving quality home health care services. There are so many agencies where you can find help, but you may likely end up in a substandard company if you can’t figure out the qualities of a good home health care.

    When hiring an independent home health caregiver, make sure to conduct extensive background check on that person to ensure he or she has no criminal background. You must interview the applicant and ask for references that you may check afterward. Before the interview, make sure you had prepared a detailed list of what a sick spouse or loved ones need, and then ask what specific services he or she can deliver. The screening will be less strenuous if you know what to expect and the qualities you are looking for.

    Hiring a home health care professional through an agency would be more efficient, because it could lessen the screening process. Normally, these agencies have available staff ready for the work the moment the client needs the services. Good thing about this arrangement is you can meet that individual and discuss everything you expect from the job before he or she formally starts working. You must tell the provider all the details about your loved one:

    •Health condition – illnesses or disability
    •The drugs or treatments used and how they must be taken
    •Behavioral problems – if the senior has unmanageable depression, fear, anger etc.
    •Nutritional requirements
    •Likes and dislikes
    •Special needs

    Other than those things, there may be other special requirements your loved one might need. For example, tell the caregiver what kind of clothing he or she needs every day to prevent any discomfort. The health provider should also know your contact number and other immediate family members in case of an emergency. Common things like where to find food, emergency kits, and how to fix household or medical appliances must be instructed to lessen the worry. Anticipating all the possible risks and changing needs of your loved one can help you become more prepared when any unexpected events happen.

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    Again and again we see Republican candidates shout about the federal debt. A typical statement, made by Republican Congressional candidate in California Ben Campos, reads,

    Stop the deficit spending, eliminate the waste, balance the budget and restore accountability. Why is it that we as citizens are required to live within our means and if we don’t we face consequences such as the inability to attain credit or even worse the loss of our property? The United States as a country is no different. It cannot defy the laws of economics before it too will face similar consequences.

    I am confused. Where were these people during the Bush administration, when $6 trillion of that debt was accumulated before the baby boomers even started to retire?

    America’s debt problem was fixed by the Clinton administration. At the end of the Clinton administration, not only was the federal government not running deficits but it was also running sizeable surpluses. Bush destroyed that accomplishment through irresponsible tax cuts on highest incomes. The result was not only vast and unnecessary debt, before baby boomers even started retiring, but also a contraction of private sector and a huge financial crisis.

    The Republicans were very quiet about this accumulation of debt when one of their own was in power. And now that a Democrat is in the White House, suddenly federal debt is a life-and-death issue for America.

    I am reminded of the Republican proposals for alternative health care measures than the Affordable Care Act. Where were these proposals before? For many decades Republicans acted as if nothing was wrong with America’s medical system. And now that a Democratic president passed a bill to correct the problems with America’s medical system, suddenly the Republicans supposedly care about health care and have all these proposals to deal with the issue.

    The reality is that these Republican politicians care neither about federal debt nor about health care. They care about one thing and one thing only: Political gain. When one of their own is in power, then anything goes. When someone who is not one of their own is in power, the sky is falling and America is dying and Tali-commies are taking over the world.

    In fact, Republicans have no credibility either on debt or on health care. The giant deficits began under Reagan, were corrected under Clinton, and then ballooned under Bush, with Republican Congress for six years of his rule. As for medicine, the Republicans have done nothing about it for decades and are only interested in the issue now because a Democratic president has passed a bill.

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    If you notice signs of drug/substance abuse with your child, the first thing you need to do is to create a very loving and friendly environment for discussing the problem. You need to discuss your concerns with your child in a kind manner. Making a child with drug problems to speak, or preferably, say the truth is a serious task. So, you as a parent will need to be patient and exercise a great deal of wisdom. There are many reason why children abuse drugs. Below are some of the most common reasons:

    Keeping Wrong Friends and Peer Pressure:

    It is a statement of fact that if a child plays with a wrong company, that company can seriously and negatively affect the behavior of the child. As parents, try as much as possible to know the company your child keeps by making it OK and friendly for them to come over to the house occasionally.


    No doubt, the pressure to succeed these days is much. Also, unknowingly, parents contribute by pushing their children a little bit too far on what they believe should be achieved. As parents, you should know the strengths and weaknesses of your child, you should set reasonable goals for the child and help in achieving these goals. Also, avoid making disparaging comparisons. Such comparisons are known to crush children’s self esteem which in-turn results to depression.

    Behavioral Limits and Boundaries:

    Some children abuse drugs and other substances simply because their parents let them run wild. It is true that children appreciate strict behavioral limits despite the protests they put up most times. These limits gives them a more feeling of security and love. Parents should learn how to make their Yes be Yes and No, No!

    How can you afford the treatment charges needed for a child with drug problems and/or how can you afford the fees needed to get quality check-ups on your child periodically by a medical professional? Easy, make use of the right family health care and medical insurance protection in the state you live. This is the surest way to help you deal with the financial challenges involved in keeping your child drug free and providing treatment where necessary. Start by comparing free quotes on family health insurance now.

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    Health care is a recession free industry. The world health care industry is generating the maximum number of jobs during the economic meltdown. The average job creation in this sector is three to four people per hospital bed. The industry currently creates about 1.5 million to two million jobs every year. It has predicted that this momentum will be maintained for the next 15 years. Recession had not hit health care industry in any way. Health care industry is creating an equal number of jobs in both health care and medical fields. Thirty five percent of employees are in other medical functions such as administration, management, marketing and IT professionals. Today the industry requires medical transcriptionist, medical equipment industry, and pharmaceutical industry to manage hospital systems.

    A decade ago, most hospitals were run by doctor-entrepreneurs, who treated patients and also performed management roles. But now the industry has turned professionals. There is an expert for each job role. So many jobs are being created in the industry because it has turned professional. First, for example the doctor who owns a nursing home or hospital no longer looks after the administration. New age hospitals have adopted the latest management professionals. The need for such a department was not visualized earlier. But as medical sector turn professional they are being run like organizations. Second, the growth is being spurred by greater corporate presence in the sector. New term like medical transcription, medical tourism, healthcare outsourcing, medical back office support and a booming clinical diagnostics segment are suddenly gaining currency. Increasing health awareness among the youth, a metropolitan lifestyle and an increasing percentage of household expenditure on health are the key reasons for this growth.

    All this is expected to give a huge boost to employment in the medical and health care segment. Medical tourism too has added a new zing to the success story of South Asian nation’s health care industry mainly Indian health care. A majority of international patients are from the UK and US to India where health care facilities at one seventh of the costs in the US.

    Job opportunities exist in various segments including R&D, production, quality assurance, sales and marketing as well as regulatory sector. Biotechnology is also creating new job avenues in the medical field. Clinical research has become the hot new area of work. Promotions are based on performance and competency as well as organizational requirements.

    Health care sector will keep generating a huge number of jobs. The medical and healthcare sector is witnessing a sky rocketing demand for all medical and health care professionals.

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    Joint Commission International Mission Statement: To continuously develop and improve the standardized health care and facilitation for the public, in collaboration with other participants, by assessing health care systems and inspiring them to stand out in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value.Founded in 1951, The Joint Commission is the world’s oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in health care. It was founded by defining as a Patient Safety Solution system design or intervention that will demonstrate the ability to prevent or mitigate patient harm stemming from the processes of health care.

    An Overview of Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards for the Quality Assessment of Health Care Systems

    Joint commission international’s commitment towards serving the humanity is offering services beyond par excellence. Their accreditation program is more than its standards, impeccable surveying process, scoring method, decision process and the standard interpretation policies made JCI a symbol of public health and safety.

    The accreditation and certification program of Joint Commission international is designed to meet all the requirements whether they are social, political or economical. JCI is actively working in the countries where legislation has been enacted aiming to improve the health services and manage their cost.

    The Joint commission international accreditation and certification program evaluates the capability of an entire health organization to produce good results. The evaluation consists of full range of functions and systems including:

    · Prevention of patient care hand-over errors

    · Prevention of wrong site/wrong procedure/wrong person surgical errors

    · Prevention of continuity of medication errors

    · Prevention of high concentration drug errors

    · Promotion of effective hand hygiene practices

    Joint Commission International – A Symbol of Health Care Globally

    JCI is offering consultation to worldwide organizations having the diverse medical cultures in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America. Joint commission international services include:

    • Development of a quality evaluation system according to the specific needs on national or regional basis.

    • Development of a program to prepare an organization for accreditation and certification process.

    • Development and advancement of operations like management, clinical technology / functions, facility planning and implementation criteria.

    • Continuous performance measurement and development of a cycled quality improvement program.

    • Quality and safety improvement, including engineering safety and health design, infection control and prevention, medication management and patient safety.

    Benefits of Joint Commission International Accreditation and Certification

    Joint commission international accreditation was launched in 1999 to provide standards and expectations for hospitals. The standards given are made for international use and designed to help international patients to decide if the hospitals are trustable or not.

    • Joint commission international is pioneer in providing education on good practices to improve and manage clinical and business processes.

    • JCI focuses on risk management criteria to reduce the risk factor down to level zero.

    • JCI is standards based upon quality and safety of health is gaining confidence worldwide.

    • JCI is the hub of highly trained professionals like clinicians and advocates who practice the top evaluation methods to maintain highest standards of patient’s safety.

    • JCI organize worldwide events with medi-care professionals to develop the strict and valued safety standards.

    • JCI accreditation and certification decisions are made by a nominated international committee of health care experts.

    • JCI advisory councils include the world health care leaders from Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, who continuously monitors key patient safety and quality issues.

    Trends and Conclusions

    Joint commission international’s global experience till date points to a common desire among countries for improved access and quality with the better management of health care costs. The system stakeholders are demanding more accountability and better trained professionals. Country health care systems are looking to other countries for clinical practice guidelines and other tools to promote the practice of evidence based medicine, implying opportunities for international knowledge exchange and the potential for increasing consistency in the practice of medicine and overall health care delivery. The growing interest in the development and use of viable and valid indicators (performance measures) will lead to a need for internationally comparable data. The rapidly increasing use of technology has the potential to support all the theses trends.

    1. Identify Current Regional/ International Safety Problems and Solutions Available

    2. Understand Regional/ International Barriers to Solutions

    3. Assess Risk of Solutions

    4. Adapt Solutions to Regional/ International needs

    5. Develop Disseminate Solutions

    Accreditation with its ‘systems’ approach, quality monitoring and management framework, and the total organization evaluation, could serve as the best tool to facilitate the convergence of the strengths of a variety of quality evaluation models into a common, multipurpose model. However, we agree that further descriptive research must be done to facilitate convergence. A common model for evaluation for health care organizations could better serve the European Union, as well as the other regions of the world, in the movement toward harmonizing improvement in health care delivery.