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    When the typical exercise convert decides to adopt a physical workout program, he or she is often led upon the tides of enthusiasm to spend lots of money. These generous outflows of cash usually go into a health club membership, or a collection of very expensive home exercise machines, or both. Indeed, selling these machines and memberships has become a very profitable endeavor. But why not consider setting up a cheap home gym instead?

    Now, it’s perfectly feasible to pick up old exercise equipment at the local thrift store. Thrift stores are a fantastic source to pick up a lot of stuff dirt cheap and this applies as much to sporting and exercise gear as anything else. But even then, it’s not necessary to buy that used treadmill or resistance machine. The admonition to keep things simple works best here. A mat, some dumbbells, an incomplete set of weights, an exercise bike, can all be picked up and driven back to the house fairly easily with an ordinary car.

    You don’t need the most expensive equipment or a whole lot of pieces. Nor do you really need a complete set of weights for a training program. Repetition rather than gross weight is far more important to weight training, as recent research has discovered. So weights of whatever size as long they are not too light will work just as well as any complete set up to the highest weight levels. You need only one barbell bar and two dumbbell bars at most, which will fit standard size weights.

    A simple step-ladder is all that is necessary to perform aerobic stepping repetition exercises. A used bike can be picked up anywhere. You can get cheap running shoes at a bargain outlet and a chinup bar can easily installed in the home. And a flat board and cinder blocks can be adapted into a weight bench without too much difficulty. So as you can easily guess, it really does not require a huge expenditure of money to set up a home gym. Any spare space can set aside for the purpose. It only requires clearing it out so that you can have an open area to do the workout in. And it can be done on as tight a budget as you can imagine. For these and other useful exercise and fitness tips, go to the website at http://www.outragemag.com/.

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