• Imagine if beer or liquor was illegal. What would people do to find and buy it? The same goes for people who want to eat cannabis edibles in canada. In today’s society, to ensure that the harmful effects of alcohol consumption are easier to manage, it is thought that it is better to have a legal product, is not it? This logical reasoning should also apply to marijuana. The best public policy on marijuana is not prohibition, but legalization and regulation. That is what a lot of Canadians and Americans agree with.

    There are several ways to consume cannabis and this article will focus on the main differences between inhalation and intake, that is, between smoking and eating cannabis.

    First off, the inhalation of THC via a joint produces rapid effects, between 30 seconds and 10 minutes, by which the brain and the nervous system are directly affected by the smoke. On the other hand, the reaction time is longer for edibles. An ingested mouthful first passes through the stomach. The decomposition of food to THC leads to the formation of the molecule called 11-OH-THC (simplified formula). This molecule has the peculiarity of being able to move in the blood to the brain. It can override the blood-brain barrier of the brain, which in particular prevents toxins from accessing the brain. 11-OH-THC first enters the bloodstream before touching the nervous system, 30 minutes to 2 hours after ingestion. This is why it is not advisable to eat several edibles before experiencing the effects of the first.

    The effects of cannabis on the body depends on the variety consumed. Indeed, mixing with oil or butter affects the strength of the cannabis. Terpenes are molecular agents that make each type of cannabis possess its peculiarity and its special odor. Everything is not lost but it is impossible to know what is lost in the mixture. To make a batch of edibles for 8 people, American “chefs” recommend at least 10 grams of grass or hash. In Colorado, one serving of “weed cake” contains 10mg of THC. A joint, depending on the consumer, requires between 0.1 g and 1 full gram of cannabis. The pre-rolled joints you can find in Amsterdam coffee shops contain at least 0.5g.

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